Cake – Get Used To Easy

Launching A Bank App In A Way Never Done Before.

Cake is a banking service made exclusively for your mobile device. Cake appeals to the youth, who find standard banking ads boring, and overly serious. We wanted to speak directly to GenZ with a brand that is vibrant and entertaining.


Most traditional banks are seen as institutions that make things cumbersome and hard, but Cake is different. Their entire philosophy is to make banking super effortless.

To bring that promise to life, we showed how easy life could be, if we got what we wanted, right away, in rather bizarre or unusual settings All this came together under the idea
‘get used to easy with Cake’

We created a banking brand that talks like no other bank in Vietnam.

The entire visual language took a form of memes using animals that are a hit with our target.

For the campaign closing, we sponsored a RAP Viet concert in Saigon with VIP access given to app users.