Gihan’s Mango Chutney

Mystical Mango Chutney Label.

Gihan’s is a 100% organic mango chutney from Sri Lanka. The brief was to bring alive the special recipe by its passionate maker – Mr. Gihaan Perera.


Visiting his 100-acre farm, we experienced the mystical & sacred nature of the making process & the close connection of Mr. Perera to his farm, the animals, and the nature around him.

We wanted to show Gihaans as the mystical King of Mangoes.

We created patterns and designs inspired by old kingly Sri Lankan iconography. Even the details on Gihaans’ shirt are borrowed from images of Sri Lanka’s last king.

To enliven the sacred nature of the process – we used images from famous temples in the country.

Monkeys in the mango orchard is a common tale we wanted to illustrate on the pack.

And like the folklore of the monkeys, we showed the connection Gihaan has to his orchard would be that of legend.

There was an on-going draught in the region, so as a symbol of good luck to the orchard and surrounding region – we added silver rain to the design.

A sign of good luck to the gods.