Hazeline – The Friendship Song

Content That Makes Product Advertising Entertaining.

Hazeline launched a new line of body wash, face cream & moisturizers with the odd combination of ‘pomegranate’ and ‘matcha’. Both ingredients, when come together solve skin problems in a natural way.

Online video

To drive this point, we compared the ingredients with two animated & fictional best friends.

To show vividly how the product works, each of the friends was meant to stand for one of the ingredients and rescue each other from sticky situations.

We collaborated with a teen icon Han Sara to create a sound. The lyrics were co-written by the Ki Saigon team & Brandsbeat, the leading music house in Vietnam.

In the lyrics, we wanted to bring out outlandish situations that could never happen in real life but takes the teen into a fantasy world.

For the visual interpretation of the campaign, we collaborated with the award-winning Italian animation house Nerdo.

The approach was organic and minimal with the utmost attention to detail to tell this story about the two friends.

The song was played on Spotify, Zingme, and other music platforms and viewed for over 10 million times & registered 26,000 shares generating 1,600 comments & giving rise to many friendship stories.