Peace Pizzas

Re-engineering Pizza Boxes To Make Them A Symbol Of Peace.

Pizza 4P’s is a beloved chain of restaurants in Vietnam that has been featured in the New York Times & BBC for their unique pizza experience. They have a mission to make the world smile for peace & commissioned us, to bring it to life.


Our initial concept was to combine the flavors of countries in conflict and make them live in harmony on a pizza.

To prove that if ingredients can be together on a pizza, so can we on the planet.

Over many months, we worked with the Pizza 4ps chefs Mr. Shotaro Hirukawa & Ms. Natsumi Kobayashi to create 3 ‘Peace Pizzas’:

Israel & Palestine
India & Pakistan
China & USA

We re-engineered the Pizza 4Ps pizza box and turned it into a garden of peace.

The design team created 27 individual paper flower forms. Each unique pattern was made from combining the flag colours of the conflict nations.

All of the flower forms were designed and made by hand.

The pizza boxes were customized to contain the flowers within the box top, where the flower easily unfolds to reveal its stunning colour and shape.

The intention was to create a sense of peace and tranquility while someone enjoys the harmony of the flavours.

China – USA
Israel – Palestine
India – Pakistan

We created an additional 250 boxes that were displayed at a one-week long celebration, where the Peace Pizzas were sold at the restaurants’ marque venue.

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