Beardooo Beard Combs

BEARDOO – Beard Combs For Men, Women, And Children.

The world needs beard combs now, more than ever. So, we designed ours keeping in mind the very people who grow these glorious face furs knowing only something fabulous will make the cut for their fuzzy bristles.

Product design/ Brand identity

Beards come in many lengths and Beardooo comes in many names – Beardooo, Beardooooo or Beardoooooooo…

The logo was sketched by stylizing the letter B and O. If you look closely, the complete logo unit is a man with a beard singing ‘beardooooooo’ in an operatic tone.

To stay true to the brand, domain names are bought up to nine ‘O’s, from to and everything in between

… in case a long beard comes in the way of the keyboard.

The product was designed from scratch and handcrafted to fit the brand’s identity.

A Beardooo comes with a wooden holder, a canvas case, and a poster.

Several product posters become the packaging that folds along the die line into a paper wallet.

This campaign won a London International award for brand identity in the design category.