Kashew – Artisan Nut Cheese

The process of turning everyday ingredients into magical taste shows the power of simplicity that nature possesses. The design intent was to capture the magical realism of that process.


Through the design we showed how the simple ingredients used to make the cheese had been transformed into a work of art.

The idea was to let the ingredients tell their own story and not to confuse the design with anything unneeded.

The logo is a tribute to the cashew branch that makes the base of every cheese.

The natural colors of the ingredients give each pack their distinct look.

Inside the pack is a small story of how this brand came about, not from a manufacturer point-of-view, but the creator Le Na’s personal story.

The pack is made from a special, natural textured paper, which is folded without glue or harmful chemicals.

Something that was a challenge given the product must remain dry and free of adulteration.

There is a smile waiting for the buyer when they open the pack.

The logo and selected motifs are screen printed to give the pack a distinct and home-made look. It takes kitchen logic organics to the next level.