Lady Bac

A Cold Brew That Pays Homage To A Vietnamese Freedom Fighter.

In the design of the packaging we wanted to bring out the vivid personalities of the places where the beans were grown. Yet we wanted something truly Vietnamese to represent the brand.


So we came up with the name LADY BAC.

133 Cafe is located on a street called ‘Co Bac’. And LADY BAC is the translation of CO (which means Lady in English) & BAC, which is the name of a famous Vietnamese freedom fighter.

She was known to be a badass. We thought it would be awesome for this cold brew to pay homage to her spirit.

We re-imagined her life as an adventurer, travelling the world through the packs. The cold-brew designs paid tribute to her curious spirit, with illustrations depicting her journey to the places where the coffee was sourced.

Roasting Ethitopian coffee beans
Roasting Ethitopian coffee beans

So, when she went to Kenya…

She loved wildlife. We showed Lady Bac in traditional Kenyan attire with cheetahs as her friends.

When she travelled to Colombia..

Lady Bac would travel to the lost golden city of Eldorado and there she would be accepted as their queen.

The Ethiopian Lady Bac is inspired out of a medicinal scroll from ancient Ethiopia, which people hung in their homes to heal themselves.

On her journey to Da Lat..

..we showed Lady Bac in the famous gardens of Da Lat, as it is known for its natural beauty and range of wildflowers.