Pepsi Tet Campaign 2021

Re-uniting 5000 Familes For Tet With Pepsi.

When the pandemic hit Vietnam, travel restrictions would make it difficult for many to return home for Tet. To realize the Pepsi mantra of ‘connecting generations’ in this hard time, we launched a multi-media campaign with Vietnam’s top rap stars.


We collaborated with the Ministry of Youth, top transport brands & community leaders to create a movement dubbed:
‘Nothing can stop you from coming home’.

We boosted this campaign with the launch of Pepsi Air- an initiative that would give free flights home to those who couldn’t afford a ticket.

It was supplemented by a film about a boy’s struggle to return home, in the end prevailing with the help of friends.

From there we began a nationwide campaign both online and outdoors, to find people, gift tickets, and celebrate those who made it home to their family.

In the end, this campaign united over 5,000 families for the holiday.