Poster series

For Reborn’s Robots and Flying Machines.

We created a series of posters for Reborn, a contemporary art studio based in Vietnam. They developed an on-going retro sci-fi sculpture collection titled ‘Robots and Flying Machines’ using traditional Vietnamese lacquering techniques.


The detailed patterning that wraps the sculptures surfaces are directly inspired by traditional Saigonese architectural motifs, commonly seen in post-colonial gates and window grates. The art-works combine a rich history of Vietnamese esthetics with a quickly developing future that is unique to Saigon.

Since the idea behind Robots and Flying Machines was the juxtaposition of history and future, which can be expressed through the concept of reincarnation, we wanted the posters to reflect the theme in both style and process. While the poster designs were made digitally, they were printed using the oldest offset machine we could find.

The posters were printed on a Mitsubishi Daiya-11-2, which is a classic offset machine made in 1974, that we found in active use here in Saigon.

While the quality of the print is excellent, it demands a skillful human touch which adds to the retro-futurist nature of the posters. Again we exemplified the theme of past and future to keep consistent with Reborn’s creative vision.