Robots And Flying Machines

From The 13th Dimension And Beyond.


Bring together the not-so-distant future with the distant past

Unique window grills of old Saigon

Walking around the back alleys of old Saigon, one can find hidden treasures made of metal. A glimpse into the design ingenuity of the local blacksmiths of yesteryears.

Once a pride of every home, these window designs, and motifs borrow their styles from European and Oriental origins.

Patterns from another dimension

We believe these old Vietnamese motifs should have a place in our future. These window patterns, even though from the past, look modern and futuristic.

To capture this alien design, we envisioned them as robots and flying machines, giving rise to the concept & the ethereal sculptures.

Lotus Face
Rain Maker
Head Quater
Pyramid Head
Bubble Head
Square Eyes Hypnotized

The sizes of the sculptures range from a few inches to 5 feet in height

The Robot God
Do You Read Me 113
The Last Messenger To Beyond

Each piece modeled by individual blocks of wood. Each block fitted with magnets.

Then painted by using traditional Vietnamese lacquering by collaborating with local artists that give the sculptures a hi-gloss finish.

The Lost Red Robot From The Future

With traditional patterns belonging to the French colonial, industrialist Vietnamese era, we designed a series of posters highlights where each design is from with its actual address and doubles up as an assembly diagram.

The Last Messenger To Beyond
The Dancer Of Nebula
Head Quarter
Roha’s Lady Temple
A Flying Machine From The Distant Past

This is the rise of the eclectic relics from beyond time. Their forgotten past, now makes a comeback. This is their place in our future.

Ilo The 5 Headed Synthetic Dreamer
A Flying Machine From The Distant Past
The Dancer Of Nebula
Head Quarter
Za Of Ra

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