The Boy Who Could Not Wait

A Book That Grows A Real Garden To Teach Children Patience.

Made for Vietnam-based concept store Green Around the Corner, this takes experiential products to the next level.

Book Design/Innovation

The work is made of 100% recycled paper to keep in line with the retailer’s eco-friendly ethos,

but it also includes a special section that allows readers to physically water the pages and, subsequently, enjoy a “magical” experience as a real garden grows right before their eyes.

The book was conceived to teach children “about the joy of patience and the beauty of growing.”

Its illustrated story features depictions of plants and a boy, who stumbles across a novel that instructs him simply to “wait.”

Eventually, further along in the boys’ journey, he is guided to pick up a pail and water one of the final pages.

Over time, the book will sprout real plants, allowing kids to enjoy their own miniature garden.

In addition to the recycled component, the pages of ‘The Boy Who Could Not Wait’ are also partially silkscreened and hand-stitched for enhanced quality and feel.