Mural for peace

Pizza 4P’s is an independent chain of restaurants in Vietnam that has been featured on CNN, in the New York Times & many more global publications for their renowned pizza and eating experience.

They have a unique mission to make the world smile for peace, one pizza at a time. They commissioned us to bring their motto to life. 


We created a series of posters called ‘Murals for Peace’ using the exact same ingredients that gave the ‘Peace Pizzas’ their distinct and delicious flavour.

Over 4 days, artist Zac Buehner used the spices and select ingredients to create the murals entirely by hand. Zac carefully applied each colourful spice on to a light-table to build the artworks for the mural sized posters.

He used a tapping technique inspired by Budhist monks creating a mandala sand-painting. The entire process was documented in print and a short film that was shared widely on social media. 

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